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Neath Hill Takeaway Image

Neath Hill Takeaway

9 Tower Crescent, Neath Hill, Milton Keynes, MK14 6JY

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  • 5pm - 11pm

Neath Hill Takeaway

Neath Hill Takeaway is a Takeaway based on 9 Tower Crescent in Neath Hill. We serve a wide range of delicious Indian food and offer online ordering.

Welcome to Neath Hill Indian in Milton Keynes, a fine Indian takeaway outlet.

We here at Neath Hill Indian take away are the premier in technology introducing online ordering for everyone who wants to enjoy mouth watering dishes cooked by our Award Winning Master Chef who has 15 years of experience in the industry.   We have been serving sumptuous curries from all areas of India. India has 26 different states, and 24 different styles of food, and each style is varied. Dishes from the southern part of India are ‘hotter’ ( chilli ) than the dishes from northern India.   To start the online ordering please visit our Takeaway Menu and select your Indian dishes.   Save Money - Save Time - Order Online
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Neath Hill Takeaway

Neath Hill Takeaway

Neath Hill


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Neath Hill Takeaway

Neath Hill Takeaway

Neath Hill


  • always friendly service!
    Food always hot and good quality, always friendly service!

    Dave - Blakelands - Monday 2 Mar 15 20.12pm

    Great food. Prompt delivery
    Food was great and prompt delivery. Just ordered my dinner for tonight.

    Phil - Milton Keynes - Thursday 19 Mar 15 19.18pm

    A very happy customer
    Excellent meal tonight delivered to our door. This is the best Indian takeaway in Milton Keynes and we've tried most of them !! A very happy customer Thank you

    Jane Armstrong - Great Linford - Tuesday 28 Apr 15 22.27pm

    Excellent food
    I love this Indian!! Excellent food every time.

    Amanda - Stantonbury - Sunday 27 Dec 15 17.03pm

    Ordered my first and last takeaway via the phone for delivery. Was told 40 minutes (as soon as they opened) and it turned up 70 mins after ordered. The food was luke warm. Received a main course I didn't order, the Chicken Korma wasn't sure if the sauce had split or they had used too much of one ingredient. Very disappointed with the food, after I was recommended to order from them!!

    Lynne - Heelands - Monday 30 May 16 13.30pm

    best indian
    best indian takeaway in mk!

    Holly - emmerson - Saturday 9 Jul 16 18.28pm

    Delivery took 2 hours, food was missing, which we realised after it was delivered. Rang them back and they sent it out only when we got it in the door it was the wrong food and not what we ordered. After waiting 2 and a half hours we didn't bother ringing back again.

    Lewis - - Saturday 8 Oct 16 20.40pm

    Highly Recommended!
    Highly Recommended! I had a meal for 9 delivered last night, all different dishes. Everyone agreed the food was delicious. And it was delivered bang on time! I use this restaurant regularly and it is always consistently excellent.

    Nigel - Great Linford - Thursday 15 Dec 16 14.17pm

    Has always been good
    Has always been good

    ANITA - mk - Saturday 19 Aug 17 18.07pm

    Excellent take away
    Excellent take away. One of the best in Milton Keynes in my opinion.

    Andrew Massey - Milton Keynes - Tuesday 5 Sep 17 16.38pm

    Food always spot on
    Food always spot on. Good size portions. Staff very pleasant.

    Julia Barrett - Milton Keynes - Tuesday 5 Sep 17 16.40pm

    Very good food
    Very good food

    janet Clarke Jan - Neatherfield - Tuesday 5 Sep 17 16.42pm

    Very good food
    Very good food

    janet Clarke Jan - Neatherfield - Tuesday 5 Sep 17 16.42pm

    Absolutely fantastic Indian food!
    Have been ordering from here for years now and wouldn't go any where else! Absolutely fantastic Indian food! And great customer service

    Carl Engdahl - Milton Keynes - Tuesday 5 Sep 17 17.02pm

    Good quality food
    good quality food and reasonable delivery service. collection gives a good discount as well. There are better takeaways out there, but they will be a bit more pricey. I recommend Neath Hill.

    Philip Overton - Milton Keynes - Tuesday 5 Sep 17 17.04pm

    Lovely food and always ho
    Had a few Currys since moving back and won't go anywhere else now, lovely food and always hot when delivered

    Gary MacMillan - milton Keynes - Tuesday 5 Sep 17 17.09pm

    Lovely food really hot once delivered
    Lovely food really hot once delivered....good value and good selection xxx

    Lyn Giles - Mk - Tuesday 5 Sep 17 17.12pm

    The best Indian takeaway EVER!
    The best Indian takeaway EVER! Food is hot when delivered, delicious, succulent chicken. Chicken tikka bhuna is my fav and it's real good from here. Can't ask more from you guys. Keep up good work!! Would recommend to everyone!

    Jason Stephenson - - Tuesday 5 Sep 17 17.44pm

    The service is very good and fast delivery
    The service is very good and fast delivery I have used Neath Hill Indian for a few years, I would say though that the meat samosas have become a little bland. Shame they used to be really good.

    Linda Dewey - Stacey Bushes - Tuesday 5 Sep 17 19.15pm

    Would recommend to anyone!!!
    Always use this takeaway. Great tasty food & happy to do off menu meals. Very friendly staff, always deliver on time & it's always hot! Would recommend to anyone!!!

    Shane - Milton Keynes - Tuesday 5 Sep 17 19.30pm

    Lovely food
    Quick service. Lovely food. Efficient delivery.

    Mel Blunden - Neath Hill - Wednesday 6 Sep 17 13.21pm

    Food always of a very high quality
    Food always of a very high quality, piping hot and delivery always punctual. Have used this restaurant for years and the standard has never wavered. Cannot be beaten in its class.

    Richard Parris - Milton Keynes - Monday 18 Sep 17 14.10pm

    Best takeaway
    Best takeaway I know of, I will not shop anywhere else, amazing people, great customer service and very friendly ??

    wendy bright - milton keynes - Friday 30 Mar 18 19.11pm

    My go to for delicious Indian food never had any issues just great food and fast delivery.

    Victoria Reeves - Newport Pagnell - Monday 2 Apr 18 20.46pm

    I love you guys - your service is brilliant and your online presense is perfect.

    Chris Prickett - Conniburrow - Friday 13 Apr 18 19.39pm

    Consistently good food
    consistently good food, love these guys

    Greg Ogden - Milton Keynes - Saturday 21 Apr 18 18.48pm

    Consistently excellent
    Consistently excellent and the staff are always friendly and professional.

    Lewis Pobjoy - Oakridge Park - Tuesday 1 May 18 19.37pm

    Excellent service
    Excellent service, always great food

    Phil Wales - Milton Keynes - Tuesday 8 May 18 21.35pm

    Highly recommend
    Ordered a few times & can highly recommend this take away.. great customer service. Even called me to comfirm for the notes I left

    Katie Capewell - Milton Keynes - Thursday 10 May 18 19.34pm

    Great food
    Great food and great service

    Andrew Halsey - Milton Keynes - Sunday 13 May 18 20.31pm

    Fast delivery
    fast delivery and always nice to eat

    nigel patterson - Milton Keynes - Sunday 27 May 18 18.40pm

    Excellent food
    Excellent food friendly staff who always go above and beyond with customer service - highly recommend

    Margaret Rampton - Downs Barn - Friday 13 Jul 18 18.52pm

    Always good food
    I always order the vegetarian option and it's always good food.

    Carole Kightley - Milton Keynes - Thursday 26 Jul 18 17.34pm

    If you're going to collect your food don't order on line. Telephone orders over £15 get a 10% discount but you won't get that with on line orders. Food's not bad.

    Howard Roberts - Milton Keynes - Monday 30 Jul 18 09.58am

    Consistently good food
    Consistently good food. Lovely people and great service.

    Adam Monro - MILTON KEYNES - Friday 10 Aug 18 20.36pm

    Great food
    great food

    Sam Brown - Milton Keynes - Friday 17 Aug 18 18.41pm

    Service and delivery was excellent
    It was my first order last night as I’ve just moved here , and it was delicious and service and delivery was excellent...thank you very much

    Adam Peach - 108 Myrtle bank Stacey bushes Mk12 6HG - Friday 24 Aug 18 10.08am

    5 star!
    Excellent food hits the spot all the time 5 star!

    Desmond Thornhill - Milton Keynes - Wednesday 5 Sep 18 21.12pm

    Best take away
    Best take away Indian in Milton Keynes

    Mike Gamble - Milton Keynes - Saturday 22 Sep 18 18.33pm

    Love the food!
    Love the food, friendly staff, I've been ordering for many years and hope to continue to do so for many more years to come.

    melvin martin - Milton Keynes - Saturday 29 Sep 18 19.24pm

    Half hour wait for food, ordered for 7 -7.30, turned up at 8. Not impressed after ring twice to find out where our order was. Luke warm curry. Had better from there.

    Julia Barrett - Milton Keynes - Sunday 25 Nov 18 20.21pm

    Great food and service
    great food and service

    robert button - milton keynes - Friday 7 Dec 18 19.01pm

    Food is of good quality with excellent sauces
    Food is of good quality with excellent sauces

    Collin Flintoff - Milton Keynes - Saturday 19 Jan 19 15.48pm

    Fantastic takeaway
    Fantastic takeaway, gorgeous food and great customer service

    Lisa Pugh - Milton Keynes - Saturday 19 Jan 19 18.27pm

    Wouldn't go anywhere else for and Indian Take out!
    Had food last night was lovely as per normal. wouldnt go anywhere else for and Indian Take out !

    kathy sundarajoo - Milton Keynes - Sunday 3 Feb 19 11.53am

    Great tasty food!
    Great tasty food! My local go-to curry house

    Joe - Milton Keynes - Sunday 10 Mar 19 19.35pm

    Lovely food
    Lovely food

    Amy Knight - Milton Keynes - Saturday 23 Mar 19 11.46am

    Lovely Indian
    Lovely Indian repeatedly order from here and recommend to all friend and family as we really do think it is one of the best, only downside the chips don't arrive as crispy as they could but we do live a while away, all the same good job :)

    Tara Cowell - Milton Keynes - Saturday 13 Apr 19 21.33pm

    Best food ever
    Best food ever. Thoroughly recommend

    Susan Elford - Milton keynes - Thursday 25 Apr 19 17.35pm

    Great food
    We love the consistency ,flavour and quality never varies. Great food.

    Simon Mead - MK - Sunday 2 Jun 19 16.38pm

    Great food
    Great food and our favourite once a week

    Deborah Holt - Mk - Tuesday 23 Jul 19 20.54pm

    Amazing food
    amazing food

    Michaela Hannam - milton Keynes - Friday 26 Jul 19 16.17pm

    Keep up the good work
    In the past your food has been extremely well cooked & the quality has been superb. I am waiting for this evenings food to be delivered & trust it will be as good as previously. Keep up the good work.

    Stephen Thomas - Milton Keynes - Thursday 1 Aug 19 19.48pm

    Very nice food
    Easy to order and very nice food

    Adam Noonan - Milton Keynes - Sunday 29 Sep 19 18.56pm

    Amazing authentic Indian food
    Amazing authentic Indian food and great customer service.

    KAMILA KONOPACKA - MILTON KEYNES - Saturday 5 Oct 19 20.52pm

    Best Indian food in Milton Keynes
    Best Indian food in Milton Keynes.

    Patricia Heed - Milton Keynes - Saturday 23 Nov 19 18.02pm

    Amazing food
    Amazing food

    sarah shaw - Newport pagnell - Sunday 1 Dec 19 21.18pm

    Really tasty
    Very quick delivery, food is always hot and really tasty. Easy to Re order your favourites too.

    Carl Allan - Newport Pagnell - Saturday 7 Dec 19 18.41pm

    100% always best in mk keep it up guys

    Gary Chard - milton keynes - Sunday 8 Dec 19 18.11pm

    Great food, great service!
    Great food, great service!

    Paul Billows - Milton Keynes - Friday 20 Dec 19 14.25pm

    Best Indian restaurant ever!!
    Excellent food. Best Indian restaurant ever!!

    Anne Evans - Milton Keynes - Sunday 2 Feb 20 14.07pm

    Amazing food
    Amazing food highly recommend

    Gary Solder - Newport pagnell - Friday 7 Feb 20 20.41pm

    Love the Mango Delight
    Love the Mango Delight

    Suzanne Russell-Carter - MK - Friday 28 Feb 20 18.08pm

    Food is very tasty
    Food is very tasty. I always used to order from Jaipur after they closed I tried many places and have finally found Neath Hill Indian takeaway. As an Indian it’s refreshing to find a takeaway that’s a bit more authentic

    Amrita Majumdar - Milton Keynes - Saturday 4 Apr 20 17.19pm

    Excellent food
    Excellent food and great service!

    Katie Wells - Milton Keynes - Saturday 18 Apr 20 19.19pm

    Lovely food
    Lovely food and friendly staff

    Natalie Chapman - Milton keynes - Saturday 2 May 20 15.00pm

    Not the best this time , very bland and tasted like it had been sat out days, very mushy texture and cold nann

    lauren watts - Milton keynes - Friday 15 May 20 03.34am

    Have used your take away for many years
    I have used your take away for many years now and have always found the food to be excellent, until just recently . The last two times we have ordered the food hasn’t been that great , we normally order two tandoori mixed grills and have found these to be very bland , saying this I will still continue to order from you in the hope that the next meal will be much better .

    Sharon Byrne - Downsbarn - Friday 15 May 20 10.44am

    Ordered from here lots of times but after tonight's meal won't bother again. We ordered 4 different meals and EVERY single item was inedible. Food was disgusting not one of us ate our meals. Even the pappadoms ended up in the bin. And 3 out of 4 of us had upset stomach after eating the few mouthfuls we did have. Total waste of money will never order from here again and will be warning my friends, neighbours and family

    Julie Eagle - Milton Keynes - Tuesday 26 May 20 00.22am


    Philip Clarke - Milton Keynes - Friday 26 Jun 20 17.32pm

    Absolutely shocking and disgraceful service. Ordered at 17:10 (10 mins after opening) and over an hour later still no delivery. Called, was told I was out of boundary (I’m 3.6 miles from takeaway website says within 6 miles) and was told I have wrong postcode. Repeated postcode and was told 25 mins. 40 mins later I called again, was told I didn’t have a house number (I live in a named house) and that it was on its way. Was told I wanted a discount. Nearly 2 hours after ordering, delivery driver arrives. He called the takeaway and we said we were not prepared to pay full price for food 2 hours late and with the appalling service. Ended with the driver taking the food away as wouldn’t accept a discount. Having previously been loyal customers and will now never order again. Would give 0 stars if I could.

    Melissa Horwood - Milton Keynes - Sunday 28 Jun 20 19.18pm

    Good quality food with Great service
    The Guys at Neath Hill Indian always give you a warm welcome - I feel I am part of their family. Good quality food with Great service. Keep it up fellas!

    Bob - Milton Keynes - Saturday 25 Jul 20 16.15pm

    Always lovely food
    Always lovely food Never cold And great delivery drivers

    Andrew Cunningham - Milton Keynes - Saturday 5 Sep 20 21.46pm

    The food is always great
    We always go here, the food is always great, friendly delivery drivers,

    Julie Smith - Milton Keynes - Sunday 11 Oct 20 17.12pm

    Brilliant food
    Brilliant food

    Steven Stewart - Mkeynes - Saturday 17 Oct 20 16.16pm

    Last week, the food was fantastic, thought we'd found a new favourite - last night, not so good. Chicken Tikka Massala was so sweet my wife could not eat it.

    John Burton - New Bradwell - Friday 23 Oct 20 08.03am


    Charlie Humphreys - Milton Keynes - Friday 13 Nov 20 18.09pm

    Fabulous food!
    Fabulous food! We always enjoy.

    Melvina Brown - MILTON KEYNES - Tuesday 17 Nov 20 17.14pm

    Used these a few times now, nice quick delivery. Taste of curry is good but chicken has been dry and tough. My rice tonight was over cooked and more like a rice paste. I'm actually quite dissapointed ?

    Ben Hughes - Milton keynes - Monday 14 Dec 20 19.35pm

    The food was fantastic
    Ordered dinner from here tonight . Delivery was a perfectly acceptable 45mins to 1hour . The food was fantastic , every dish tasted great and was full of flavour . I would highly recommend ordering food from here and will be doing so myself very soon.

    Jenny Ball - Crownhill , MK - Thursday 17 Dec 20 19.35pm

    Always lovely food
    Always lovely food

    anthony garner - Milton Keynes - Thursday 31 Dec 20 16.03pm

    If I could I'd leave 0 stars 1st time ordering here an 3 hours later no order arrived, can't call through to find out where order is and can't cancel either..... 3 hours !! Is not okay, not gonna bother using this place again.

    Beth - Milton keynes - Thursday 31 Dec 20 20.53pm

    Great food, great guys
    Great food, great guys. Always on time.

    Chris Crowley - Newport Pagnell - Saturday 16 Jan 21 11.41am

    Great food. They should do Bombay potatoes and have a much wider selection of soft drinks. They should be open from 12.PM for lunch 7 Days a Week.

    Pavel Grebik - Milton Keynes - Monday 18 Jan 21 18.00pm

    Collection order. And surprisingly the food was way below par. Had Lamb Tikka Naga and the meat was fatty and very chewy wasn’t as spicy as normal.. Got wrong rice and the starter was cold. Garlic Naan was missing. Very disappointed, called up and all they said it was busy and sorry.

    S O’Neill - Milton Keynes - Friday 5 Feb 21 18.18pm

    Best Indian food in Milton Keynes!
    Best Indian food in Milton Keynes!

    Sue Nodder - Milton Keynes - Tuesday 9 Feb 21 08.44am

    Amazing service, even better food!!!!!
    Amazing service, even better food!!!!! Momin and his chefs are the best in the business, clean good food that I always look forward to and am NEVER disappointed. Thank you Momin and Neath Hill Tandoori

    Nathan B - Newport Pagnell - Sunday 14 Feb 21 13.44pm

    Really good
    First meal was really good

    Terry Jones - Milton Keynes - Monday 8 Mar 21 17.54pm

    Amazing food
    Amazing food, easy ordering and quick delivery.

    Jane Taylor - Milton Keynes - Saturday 27 Mar 21 18.28pm