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Shabab Image


1 Bishopgate Street, Leeds, LS1 5DY

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  • 5pm - 11pm


Shabab is a Restaurant based on 1 Bishopgate Street in Leeds. We serve a wide range of delicious Indian food and offer table booking.

*Please note, we are unable to accept any booking made using discount cards such as Groupon, Taste Card or HiLife.*

Shabab: Our Indian restaurant in Leeds has been a family run business since 1973 maintaining the highest standards of authentic Indian cuisine and exceptional service

We have built our business by carefully listening to our customers and adapting to their wishes. We estimate to have served over 4 million customers at our Eastgate restaurant since we first opened our doors 38 years ago.

About Shabab Indian Restaurant

Shabab: The word meaning pinnacle or prime has its origins in Arabic and Persian. Often used to describe the youthful femininity at its very best.

Shabab Restaurants came on the scene in the 1973, the heady days of the red flock wall paper and prevalent culture of a late night vindaloo melt down. Catering for the discerning diners who were on the look out for a dining experience combining authentic food, exotic surroundings and the very best eastern hospitality.


"Fine Food, Fantastic Surroundings"

Over the last thirty three years our richly decorated, authentic interiors and a range of mouth watering freshly prepared recipes have made us stand out from the ever increasing crowd of so called Indian eateries that look and taste the same.

Our a-la-carte menu has continuously evolved over the years. with an emphasis on remaining authentic and close to the way meals are prepared in typical Asian domestic kitchens. We use the very best ingredients from local suppliers and do not use any artificial colourings or ready made pastes.

"Amazing food, friendly staff"

At Shabab we have an extensive a-la-carte menu catering for all tastes. A selection of set price meals to suit most budgets.

Complete your stay in Leeds by visiting Shabab.

Great people to dine with!

*Please note, we are unable to accept any booking made using discount cards such as Groupon, Taste Card or HiLife.*

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  • Amazing Time
    I had an amazing time at Shabab. The food was fantastic and the service was top notch. The perfect end to a night out in Leeds

    Simone - Bradford - Thursday 2 Jul 15 17.41pm

    Helpful staff and Delicious meals
    We held our staff party at Shabab this year and were delighted with the friendly, helpful staff and delicious meals we were served. We will definitely be booking again!

    Anthony - Wakefield - Thursday 2 Jul 15 17.42pm

    What a night! sensually stimulating dishes were served for every course!

    Stephen - Ilkley - Thursday 2 Jul 15 17.42pm

    Don't get me wrong. The food was lovely and the service was ok. The problem I had was when I had four drinks spilt down my back and all over my clothes and coat by one of the staff. Then I was left standing soaking wet while they cleaned up the mess on the floor. Once I had been given what I can only describe as kitchen roll I dried myself of the best I could all the time I kept smelling coconut when I asked the manager what was in the drinks that they had brought to the table and spilt on me. It was then I found out they had coconut milk in them to which I am highly alergic the manager said he was sorry and offered to reduce my bill by five pounds. So not only did they soak me in drinks I could have ended up in hospital with anafalectic shock. I was insulted by the manager. Needles to say I won't be going back there ever again. I will also be letting anyone else know just what sort of service they can expect there.

    Paul - Leeds - Saturday 20 Aug 16 17.23pm

    Will certainly go back
    Went with brothers after visiting St James Hospital... Had a fantastic meal and the service and friendliness of the staff couldn't be faulted...Will certainly go back on our next visit to Leeds... 14th July 2017

    Gavin - Hedon near Hull - Saturday 15 Jul 17 09.17am

    Food was good but we where waiting to order our food for 40 mins this is not good enough not happy probably won't go back

    Michael Martin - Leeds - Wednesday 1 Aug 18 21.01pm

    Very disappointing. No disabled access. Starter was good but bit greasy. Mains were both very salty and my shashlik was swimming in oil and had never seen a skewer in its life (no hole in the meat or veg). 10% “optional” service charge included in the bill total - we deducted it from what we paid. So disappointed as the place looked so good.

    Lynne Rhodes - Brighouse - Saturday 29 Sep 18 12.40pm

    Thank you for retaining the quality
    Had my first ever curry at Shababs in Eastgate in 1982 while at student at Leeds uni. Back for a nostalgic visit this weekend and decided to revisit Shababs albeit at a different location. I wasn’t disappointed we had a very good meal spicy but not too hot. Thank you for retaining the quality and reinforcing very happy memories

    Susan Thursfield - Eastbourne - Sunday 3 Mar 19 19.35pm

    Normally would have been 5* but last night we waited nearly 2 hours for our food to be served people entering after us were served water and gone before we got ours but when it arrived the food was delicious apart from my daughters food been wrong Great quality food as always top class but let down on the service last night

    Simone Mcdonald - Leeds - Sunday 2 Aug 20 06.59am

    Food wat awful chicken was burnt n staff was rude

    Laura Laffey - Leeds - Saturday 12 Sep 20 23.32pm

    Our order was taken quickly. Our main course took a long time to come. When i complained the staff apologies but the Manager didn’t care less. Avoid!

    Gillian Lodge - Leeds - Saturday 19 Sep 20 23.41pm